Let me take care of all the things you need to do, but don’t have time to do! Let me help you from losing money by losing inventory! Let me take care of the things that slow you down so you can keep moving forward with your eyes on the prize!

Packages on Shelves
inventory management

Developing Inventory Management System

Inventory Maintenance Service

Cycle Counts

Annual or Bi-Annual Physical Inventory Audits

Inventory Storage Systems to fit your business needs

Monitor stocking levels and vendor alignment

(Let me make sure you get the best deal possible)

operational efficiency 

I will spend time examining your current process, while looking for opportunities to streamline and increase productivity.

Custom tooling and storage are opportunities to increase your output with very small investments.

Warehouse and shop layouts to maximize output


Custom stairs, barriers, and guards to make your facility safer

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commercial & personal insurance

Make sure your business has the right coverage


Protect your investment

Limit Your exposure

401K/Retirement packages for your employees

Personal coverage is also available

White Van
fleet & facility management

Let me take this burden off you

All preventative maintenance tracking and scheduling for your building and equipment

All preventative maintenance tracking and scheduling for your fleet vehicles

Negotiations for new vehicles and locations

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project management

If your company has a large project, I will come in and help you get it completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will help you control costs and complete your tasks, without taking you out of your every day responsibilities as a business owner.

Flexible Payment Planning

Allow me to take the time-consuming burden of processing invoices off your plate.

Not only will I process your invoices for you, but I will track how if you are receiving payment in a timely manner. 

I will follow up with your customers in a professional manner to request payment on past due invoices.