Here's what business owners are saying...

“Steven is highly motivated and driven to not just meet goals and objectives, but to exceed them.  He has proven himself to be a good leader; and he takes pride in his team and the work they perform.  His ability to plan and execute complex projects with minimal direction and with great fiscal responsibility has directly contributed to the success of our business unit.” 

Jennifer Friend

Owner, Patriot Golf and Utility Vehicles

Manassas, VA

“Steven sets an example on how to be a leader. He takes it upon himself to meet deadlines and go the extra mile. He does what it takes to accomplish the goal. His abilities to take a task and put it in a positive direction is remarkable. He has personally helped my business become more efficient as well as profitable.” 

Ben Westcott

Southern Edge Fab and Solutions

Augusta, GA

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Steven both professionally and personally, fantastic human being. Steven and I worked closely for a period of time during which we covered a great deal of ground and accomplished an intense amount of work! He has an extremely comprehensive understanding of business operations, great perspective on what an operation requires and knows how to execute, resulting in success. I do consider myself privileged to have worked with Steven and wholeheartedly recommend him for any task someone may ask of him.

Erin Hermann

General Manager

Global Turf Equipment Sales & Rentals

San Antonio, FL